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Participation in Team Minus 6%

bestcreate corp. is a member of the NPO Team-6%, which was established in April 2005
as a Japanese international commitment to the Kyoto Protocol, and is a national campaign
against global warming aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 6%.
Global warming has become a serious worldwide problem.
With the voice of the employees "The Global warming prevention should be achieved by
practice which begins from what we can do one by one " , our company decided to participate in
this project.
We are doing our best with consideration of the temperature adjustment of the air conditioner,
the use of electricity and city water service and not to use plastic bags at the checkout counter
in everday life.


Support activities of NPO IFE

Support activities of NPO IFE
Foundation IFE and NPO IFE are groups founded by Zomahoun Rufin, which do activities to
become the link of Japan and Republic of Benin.
bestcreate corp. is supporting IFE.
There are 9.2 million children dying before they celebrate their fifth birthday in the world every
year. Most of them could be saved if there were provision of safe water and vaccine.
Nearly 2 million of the children who lose their lives at less than five-years-old die due to the
diarrheal illness and dehydration, etc. every year.
What can be done with 500 yen?
Charge of child's school lunch, 20 days (about 25 yen per meal)
Vaccine which can save lives, 25 people (about 20 yen per person)
There is a life which can be saved by only one coin.
With the opinion of "Let's try to start with what we can" from all members, we participate in the
activity of IFE.


>We are supporting IFE. Learn more about IFE.

Admission to mobile contents forum (MCF)

bestcreate corp. is a member enterprise of the Mobile Contents Forum.
It is a group established for contributing to the expansion and the development of the mobile
business market.
For the healthy development of mobile contents-related industry, various activities aiming at a
live-and-let-live relationship with consumers and related organizations are supported.