Definition of Personal Information

Definition of Personal Information

Best Create Co., Ltd. defines personal information below.
Personal Information refers to information that can identify a person either directly or indirectly. This includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, sex, date of birth, access records, etc., of which one or a combination that can be easily compared with other information and thereby can be used to identify individuals.

2. Collection of Personal Information

It is assumed to be a principle to specify the purpose of use, when personal information is acquired. If the personal information is acquired without specifying the purpose of use, we will notify the customers or make it public immediately. If the personal information is acquired by the consignment, it will be handled only in the scope of the consigned business and be managed strictly.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information

Without the consent or approval of the customer or the third party in advance, we won't handle personal information beyond the extent necessary to achieve the business purpose or commissioned business. When there is a change in the business purpose, we won't modify to exceed the range which has a considerable relativity with the purpose before it changes. we also will notify the customers or make it public immediately after the purpose is changed.

4. Security of Personal Information

We will take appropriate measures to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of personal information, while the personal information is in storage. Moreover, the personal information will be deleted securely by an appropriate procedure when the purpose of use and the consigned business is achieved and it is judged that there is no need to store personal information continuously any longer. We will not provide personal information to others without obtaining agreement prior from the customer and the third party. However, it may be indicated in the following cases, when the necessity is examined.
・When consign the business including individual information to a third party just in a necessary scale for the achievement of the purpose of use. In this case, NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement ) should be signed.
・When a person's life, a body, or property is threatened or in danger, and there is an urgent necessity to indicate.
・When the personal information is demanded to indicate by the law.
・When we judge that the customer may cause the disadvantage to Best Create Co., Ltd. or the third party.
We are trying to keep accurate and latest personal information within the range necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use and consigned business. According to the customer's demand, we indicate, correct, add or delete individual information as much as possible as we can.

5. Revision of Personal Information

In order to handle personal information accurately and safely, this privacy policy will be properly reviewed, and revised.